Sandridge Lecturers

2018 Sheryl Ball, Professor of Economics, Virginia Tech; “Neuroeconomics – Why Economists Need Brains”

2017 Allan Drazen, Neil Moskowitz Endowed Professor of Economics, University of Maryland; “What is Fairness”

2016 William Dudley, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; “The Role of the Federal Reserve: Lessons from the Financial Crisis”

2015  Bruce Yandle, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics (Mercatus Center, George Mason University) and Dean Emeritus (Clemson University); “Bootleggers and Baptists in the Garden of Good and Evil: Understanding America’s Regulatory Journey

2014  William M. Rodgers III, Professor of Public Policy and Chief Economist at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, Rutgers University; “Future Work 2.0: Life After the Great Recession

2013  Sandra J. Peart, Dean and Professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond; “The Ethics Problem: Resolving the Collective Action Problem of Economic Expertise”

2012  Donald J. Boudreaux, Professor of Economics, George Mason University; “Economists and Imagination”

2011  Elizabeth Duke, Federal Reserve Board of Governors; “Changing Circumstances: The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Wealth”

2010  Marvin Phaup, Professorial Lecturer in Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University & Director of the Federal Budget Reform Initiative, Pew Charitable Trusts; “The ‘N’ Things Wrong (and the ‘<N’ Things Right) with the Federal Budget”

2009  James Pease, Professor, Department of Agriculture & Applied Economics, Virginia Tech; “Virginia Biofuels Production: Policy, Potential, and Economics”

2008  Frederic S. Mishkin, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

2007  Jeffrey M. Lacker, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2006  Vernon Smith, 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Professor of Economics and Law, George Mason University

2005  Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Board of Governors; “The Global Saving Glut and the U.S. Current Account Deficit”


2003  Gordon Tullock, Professor of Economics and Law, Center for the Study of Public Choice, George Mason University; “Erroneous Arguments for Income Redistribution”

2002  Thomas Humphrey, VP and Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; “Knut Wicksell and Gustav Cassel on the Cumulative Process and the Price Stabilizing Policy Rule”

2001  Steven E. Rhoads, Professor of Government, University of Virginia; “Sex, Biology, and Economics”

2000  Patrick J. Michaels, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia & Climatologist, State of Virginia; “Global Warming: So Who’s Blowing Smoke?”

1999  John W. Snow, Chairman, President, and CEO, CSX Corporation

1998  Cynthia Latta, Principal Economist, DRI/McGraw-Hill & Manager of the U.S. Macroeconomic and Industry Forecast Services; “Social Security or Social Insecurity”

1997  Richard F. Hokenson, Chief Economist, Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette; International Population Developments”

1996  Leonard Schifrin, Chancellor Professor of Economics, College of William and Mary; “Health Care Reform in the U.S.: Where Are We, Where Do We Go?”

Earlier speakers coming soon!

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