Past Presidents

2017-18           Sonya Waddell, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2016-17          Linda Hooks,Washington and Lee University

2015-16          Sam Allen, Virginia Military Institute

2014-15          Joseph Turek, Lynchburg College

2013-14          Alice Louise Kassens, Roanoke College

2012-13          Francis Bush, Virginia Military Institute

2011-12          Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore, Randolph College

2010-11          Fletcher Mangum, Mangum Economic Consulting, LLC

2009-10          Gregory Dempster, Hampden-Sydney College

2008-09          Timothy Kestner, Virginia Employment Commission

2007-08          Ann Battle Macheras, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

2006-07          Dennis O’Toole, Virginia Commonwealth University

2005-06          David Brat, Randolph-Macon College

2004-05          Raymond Owens, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2003-04          Michelle A. Vachris, Christopher Newport University

2002-03          Aileen Watson, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2001-02          Steven D. Lang, Randolph-Macon College

2000-01          Garry Fleming, Roanoke College

1999-00          John Walter, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

1998-99          Edward J. Schmidt, Randolph-Macon College

1997-98          John R. Layman, Virginia Department of Taxation

1996-97          C. Barry Pfitzner, Randolph-Macon College

1995-96          Dan C. Messerschmidt, Lynchburg College

1994-95          Robert Griffis, Virginia Employment Commission

1993-94          Kenneth N. Townsend, Hampden-Sydney College

1992-93          Christine Chmura, Chmura Economics and Analytics

1991-92          Shah Mehrabi, Mary Washington College

1990-91          Roy L. Pearson, College of William and Mary

1989-90          Louis F. Lombard, Virginia Water Control Board

1988-89          David G. Garraty, Virginia Wesleyan College

1987-88          K. Thomas Varghese, James Madison University

1986-87          Samuel H. Phillips, George Mason University

1985-86          Larry G. Beall, Virginia Commonwealth University

1984-85          John L. Knapp, Tayloe Murphy Institute, University of Virginia

1983-84          William R. Hendley, Hampden-Sydney College

1982-83          Carlisle W. Baskin, Randolph-Macon College

1981-82          William E. Cullison, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

1980-81          H. Marshall Booker, Christopher Newport University

1979-80          William P. Snavely, George Mason University

1978-79          William F. Hellmuth, Virginia Commonwealth University

1977-78          Charles F. Phillips, Washington and Lee University

1976-77          Irene Moszer, Virginia State College

1975-76          Robert L. Hill, Lynchburg College

1974-75          Max Moszer, Virginia Commonwealth University

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