The Virginia Association of Economists (VAE) aims to promote inquiry into economics, to improve economic education, and to develop understanding of the operations of the Virginia economy.

The organization grew out of a meeting of twenty-two economists in Salem, Virginia on April 12-14, 1973. The original “Salem 22” included Edward Atwood, Carlisle Baskin, Thomas Edwards, Clint Ferguson, John Gunn, Howard Hovda, Robert Hill, George Jennings, Bernard Jump, Jr., Irene Moszer, Max Moszer, Charles Phillips, Jr., William Reynolds, Anire Sagay, William Sandridge, Edward Schmidt, Edmond Seigfried, Vernon Sheppard, Jr., Eleanor Snellings, John Spitz, James Tucker, and John Virgo.

The inaugural meeting of the VAE was held in Richmond, Virginia on April 18-19, 1974.

Membership in the VAE is open to individuals who have an interest in theoretical or applied economics, economic education, or the Virginia economy, but is limited to those who are residents of, or whose principal place of employment is, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Membership includes admission to the annual meeting and a copy of the Virginia Economic Journal. Membership dues are typically paid in conjunction with the annual meeting registration. If you would like to become a member outside of this period, please contact the Treasurer, Tony Carilli (tcarilli@hsc.edu)

All revenues of the VAE are generated through fees associated with the annual meeting and the Virginia Economic Journal.

To learn more about membership, please contact Alice Louise Kassens, PhD, Roanoke College, vaeconomics (at) gmail (dot) com  or (540) 375-2428

A copy of the VAE Charter can be found below.

A copy of the VAE bylaws can be found below.

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